26th Annual General Meeting of Materials Research Society of India

Theme symposium : Materials for inclusive development
9-11 February 2015
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

The University of Rajasthan holds the distinction of being the oldest Institution of higher learning in Rajasthan. It was established as University of Rajaputana on 8th of January 1947 and recognised from the time of its inception under sections 2f and 12B of UGC Act. The university has 37 departments and 22 centers and 1139 affiliated colleges and also accorded UPE status under XI plan.

The Department of Physics established in year 1960 and has strong research background. Department has international and national collaborations with various institutions.


Defence Research & Development Organisation
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research




Aimil Limited
Aimil Ltd.
LABINDIA Instruments
Quantum Design
Quantum Design
Vivekananda Global University
Vivekananda Global University
Wilfred College
St. Wilfred College
Parishkar College
Parishkar College
Pooranima University
Jaipur Publishing House
Jaipur Publishing House

Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) is an interdisciplinary society founded in 1989 by Prof. CNR Rao, FRS and is dedicated to the field of Materials Science and Engineering in India. This society is currently presided by Dr. G. Sundararajan, Director, International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy & New Materials. To promote advancements in Materials Science, MRSI holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year in different parts of the country. It provides a forum for the Materials Science Community to share recent developments and innovations, and to promote active interactions among scientists, technologists, and engineers in materials science and engineering.

The 26th AGM of MRSI is being held at the Department of Physics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, during February 9-11, 2015. The AGM would include Medal Lectures, MRSI honor Lectures and MRSI-ICSC Awards Lectures along with contributed poster papers covering the latest works of materials science community of the country. 26th AGM MRSI-2015 would also include a theme symposium on Materials for Inclusive Development.

Dr. Usha Singh
Dr. Mangej Singh
Organizing Secretary




The 26th AGM of MRSI is being held at the Department of Physics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, during 9-11 February 2015. The AGM would include Medal Lectures, MRSI honor Lectures and MRSI-ICSC Awards Lectures along with contributed poster papers covering the latest works of materials science community of the country. 26thAGM MRSI-2015 would also include a theme symposium on Materials for Inclusive Development.

Important Dates:

Submission of Abstracts : 15 December 2014
Intimation of Acceptance : 1 January 2015
Payment of Registration Fees : 15 January 2015
Accommodation Booking : 15 January 2015

** NEFT Details:
A/C : Name MRSI AGM 2015
Bank Name: UCO Bank
A/C No. 20270110037393
IFSC Code UCBA0002027
MICR 302028019
(UTR No/Counter slip compulsory)
Registration fee:
MRSI Member: ₹ 2500.
Non-MRSI Meber: ₹ 3000.
Student: ₹ 1500.
Industry: ₹ 5000.
PRESIDENTDr. G. Sundararajan
Dr. R.A. Mashelkar
Dr. D. Chakravorty
Prof. R. Chidambaram
Prof. S.K. Joshi
Prof. P. Rama Rao
Dr. Anil K Gupta
Prof. R.C. Budhani
Dr. G. Malakondaiah
Prof. N.R. Bandyopadhyay
Dr. Suresh Das
Prof. Dhananjay Pandey
Prof. S.B. Krupanidhi
Dr. P.S. Anil Kumar
Prof. S.M. Shiva Prasad
TREASURERProf. U.V. Varadaraju
MEMBERSProf. T. Pradeep
Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
Dr. A.T. Kalghatgi
Dr. Ashok Karani
Prof. S.K. Ray
Dr. A.K. Tyagi
Prof. Amlan J Pal
Prof. B.R. Mehta
Prof. K.K. Raina
Dr. Priya Mahadevan
Prof. Ratnamala Chatterjee
Dr. B.L.V. Prasad


    • Prof. R. Chidambaram
    • Prof. G. Sundarajaan
    • Prof. S.B. Krupanidhi
    • Prof. P.R. Vasudeva Rao
    • Prof. S. Ranganathan
    • Prof. O.N. Srivastava
    • Prof. L.M. Manocha
    • Prof. T. Ramasami
    • Prof. R.P. Tandon
    • Prof. N.S. Saxena
    • Prof. G.K. Dey
    • Prof. M.K. Sanyal
    • Prof. R.C. Budhani
    • Prof. S.L. Sharma
    • Prof. M. Raisinghani
    • Prof. T. Jayakumar
    • Prof. S.C. Chetal
    • Prof. A.K. Sood
    • Prof. P. Chaddah
    • Prof. Baldev Raj
    • Prof. S. Banerjee
    • Prof. R.K. Sinha
    • Prof. I.K. Bhatt
    • Dr. S.R. Vadera
    • Prof. P.Rama Rao
    • Dr. G.L. Baheti


Chief PatronProf. C.N.R. Rao
Sh. Hanuman Singh Bhati
Vice-Chancellor, University of Rajasthan

Prof. Y.K. Vijay
President, Vivekananda Global University,
Chairman, MRSI-Rajasthan Chapter
ChairpersonProf. Kananbala Sharma, Dept. of Physics, UOR
Co-ChairpersonProf. Ashok K. Nagawat Head, Dept. of Physics, UOR
Prof. Anshu Dandia Head, Dept. of Chemistry, UOR
ConvenerDr. Usha Singh, Director CDPE, UOR
Org. SecretaryDr. Mangej Singh, Dept. of Physics, UOR
TreasurerDr. V.K. Saxena, Dept. of Physics, UOR

   Prof. Deepak Bhatanagar    Prof. S.K. Sharma    Dr. Ramvir Singh
   Prof. Upendra Pandel    Prof. K.C. Swami    Dr. K.V.R. Rao
   Prof. R.T. Pardasani    Dr. R.K. Singhal    Dr. S.N. Dolia
   Dr. J.S. Saini    Dr. M.K. Mishra    Dr. Sarita Kumari
   Dr. Amanpal Singh Clair    Dr. Chhagan Lal    Dr. Sunita Mahawar
   Dr. C.S.P. Tripathi    Dr. Sanjay Kumar    Mr. Mamraj Singh
   Mr. Narendra Jakhar    Mr. Pura Ram    Mr. Dalpat Meena
   Mr. Subhash Chandra    Mr. Dinesh Kumar    Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
   Mr. Mahendra K. Gora    Mr. Arvind Kumar    Mr. Kishan Kumar
   Ms. Kanchan Gehlot    Mr. Bharat Lal Meena    Dr. Mahesh Chahar
   Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi    Dr. Alka Sharma    Dr. Veenu Sisodia
   Dr. Kanupriya Sachdeva    Dr. Y.C. Sharma
Core Committee:
  • Prof. Kananbala Sharma
  • Prof. AK Nagawat
  • Prof. Deepak Bhatanagar
  • Prof. Anshu Dandia
  • Dr. Usha Singh         +91-9314885841
  • Dr. Mangej Singh        +91-9829166219
  • Dr. VK Saxena         +91-9414323197
  • Shri Pura Ram         +91-7597285316
Academic Committee:
  • Dr. Ramveer Singh (Convener)
  • Dr Alka Sharma
  • Dr Kanupriya Sachdeva
  • Dr Amanpal Singh Clair
  • Dr. CSP Tripathi
Registration Committee:
  • Dr Aruna Bharti (Convener)
  • Dr Sunita Mahavar
  • Dr Sarita Kumari
  • Mr Sanjeev Kumar
Poster management Committee:
  • Dr. Rishi Singhal (Convener)
  • Dr. MK Mishra
  • Dr JS saini
  • Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi
  • Mr. MK Gora
  • Mr. Shubhas Chandra
Transportation Committee:
  • Dr HS Palsania (Convener)
  • Mr. Narender Jhakar
  • Mr Dinesh Kumar
  • Mr. Kishan Kumar
  • Mr. Bharat Lal Meena
Accommodation Committee
  • Dr. SN Dolia (Convener)
  • Mr Dinesh Kumar
  • Miss Kanchan Gehlot
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
  • Mr. Mamraj Singh
  • Mr. Arvind Kumar
Catering Committee
  • Dr. SK Gupta (Convener)
  • Dr Aruna Bharti
  • Dr. R Raniwala
  • Dr. Chhagan Lal
  • Dr. Sanjay Kumar
  • Dr Sunita Mahavar
  • Mr. Dalpat Meena


  • Materials for Energy and Environment (MEE)
  • Nano Composites and Nano Materials (NCM)
  • Polymers and Bio Materials (PBM)
  • Materials for Advance Electronics (MAE)
  • Materials for Sensor Application (MSA)
  • Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Materials (MTP)
  • Glass and Chalcogenide Materials (GCM)
  • Multifunctional Oxides, Synthesis and Characterization (MSC)






International Medal for Materials Science and Technology
        Prof. Peter Bruce, Oxford University, UK
MRSI Silver Jubilee International Medal
        Prof. A Suzuki, Yohohama National University, Japan
Distinguished Materials Scientist of the Year Award
        Prof. A K Raychaudhuri, SNBNCBS, Kolkata
CNR Rao Prize Lecture in Advanced Materials
        Prof. D D Sarma, IISc, Bangalore
MRSI-Distinguished Lecturership Award
        Dr. Dhananjai Pandey, BHU, Varanasi
        Prof. B N Dev, IACS, Kolkata
        Prof. G.K. Anathasuresh, IISC, Bangalore
MRSI-ICSC Superconductivity & Materials Science Annual Prize
        Prof. Samit K Ray, IIT, Kharagpur
        Dr. George Thomas, IISER, Trivandrum
G.C. Jain Memorial Lectures (Awaited)
MRSI Medal Lectures
  1. Dr. Nikhil R Jana, IACS, Kolkata
  2. Prof. S Gopukumar, CERI, Karaikudi
  3. Prof. Partha Protim Chattopadhyay, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Kolkata
  4. Dr. Beena Rai, Tata Research Development & Design Centre, Pune
  5. Dr. V Kumar, C-MET, Trissur
  6. Prof. Kaustubh R S Pirolkar, Goa University, Goa
  7. Dr. Chandana Rath, BHU, Varanasi
  8. Dr. N V Chandra Shekar, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
  9. Prof. K K Bamzai, University of Jammu, Jammu
  10. Prof. Priya Mahadevan, S N Bose Centre, Kolkata
  11. Dr. V M Jali, Gulbarga University
  12. Dr. Chandrappa, Central College, Bangalore
  13. Dr. R Subasri, ARCI, Hyderabad
  14. Dr. Ajay Dhar, NPL, New Delhi
  15. Dr. Venimadhav Adyam, IIT, Kharagpur
  16. Dr.G.T.Chandrappa, Bangalore University, Bangalore
  17. Prof. Ashish Garg, IIT, Kanpur


  Technical program schedule can be found here.

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Accommodation at University Guest House, ASC and Dera-Shree Sadan, University of Rajasthan will be available. This may be arranged on prior request.
The delegates are encouraged to book their accommodation at hotels around University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The list of hotels:
  1. Red fox
  2. WoodsVilla Suites
  3. Jaipur Palace
  4. Lords Plaza
All the MRSI-2015 participants can view their accommodation and fee details here. (click here)

About Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is known as Pink City. Jaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination in Rajasthan and India. More information about city can be found here.

In February, the climate in Jaipur will be pleasant. The temperature varies between 10 deg C to 28 deg C.
Jaipur is well connected by road, rail and air to most major cities of the country. One can fly directly to Jaipur from several international airports as well.

In and around Jaipur:

Amber Fort: It is the most famuos fort of Rajsthan. It is situated in Amber, which is 11 Kilometers far from Jaipur. For more details please click here.
Hawa Mahal: It is a palace in Jaipur known as Palaces of Winds. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh and designed by Lal Chand Ustad in the form of Hindu god Krishna in 1799. For more details please click here.
City palace: City palace is a palace complex in Jaipur. It includes the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal palaces and other buildings. For more details please click here.


Ph: 0141-2707728 (office)
Convener: Dr. Usha Singh
Director, CDPE
University of Rajasthan

+919314885841 (Convener)

Organization Secretary: Dr. Mangej Singh
Associate Professor
University of Rajasthan


Treasure: Dr. V.K. Saxena
Associate Professor
University of Rajasthan


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